Craftwood MDF

Craftwood MDF Shutters are one of the favourite options amongst our clients. This is down to its appearance, hard-wearing quality and cost-effectiveness. This shutter material can be used throughout your home and is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. We also offer Craftwood MDF Shutters with the option of Shutter and Shade, which is our new Black Out Shutter perfect for bedrooms.

Craftwood MDF is an affordable manufactured material with a dense, durable and smooth finish. We use an MDF material covered in an extruded polypropylene coating. This is similar to a plastic sleeve, allowing for resistance to chipping, cracking, fading and warping. Craftwood MDF boasts similar levels of quality as most other shutter materials, but with a more cost-effective price tag. Available in all shutter styles and even some Special Shape Shutters.

We can offer you Craftwood MDF Shutters in five shades of white; ranging for a pure white to more creamy shades. MDF allows for super-easy cleaning and has a slightly shinier finish when reflecting light due to the polymer coating. What’s more, these shutters are extremely durable and easy to maintain. MDF shutters come with standard hinges which we can colour-match to your shutters or any of our standard finishes.

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Points To Remember

Here are some great points to remember about Craftwood MDF plantation shutters.

Made of composite wood harvested from well-managed forests.

 Its polypropylene coating aids in the prevention of moisture absorption and allows for easy stain removal.

Resistant to chipping, warping, fading and twisting.

Most cost-effective material in range.

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Colour Options

Carolina, Crafted MDF, Phoenix,Boston, Boston Premium, Georgia, Hollywood

Pure White

Silk White

Bright White