Shutter Materials

Here at Beaumont, we fully understand that the Shutter Materials we use must be of the best quality.

We have a great selection below that will complement any room in your home. We have brought together a fabulous selection of ECO-friendly, certified woods. Each wood is stored for six months to allow the wood to settle before being kiln dried twice in computer-controlled conditions. This final stage is done in order to reduce the risk of warping and twisting.

We also offer ABS which is fantastic in bathrooms, so take a look and see what they all have to offer.


Our great new Paulownia Wooden Shutters are here with a price tag that compares to MDF, they 1/3 lighter in weight when compared to other hardwoods which makes it an excellent choice for Tier on Tier or for wider openings. It’s great for the environment too. A deep-rooted tree with a well-developed root system, it will yield one cubic meter of hardwood in 8 years, after which a new stem will shoot. A single plantation can therefore be harvested several times, providing a sustainable, renewable source of timber. Whilst the timber is light, it’s strong and offers amazing quality not just in looks but also price.


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