Shutter Louver Sizes

Our Shutters come available with a selection of different size Louvers depending on the look and functionality you are trying to achieve. Below we give you an indication of the different sizes available for each of our ranges.

Choosing Your Shutter Louver Sizes

Choosing your shutter louver sizes from the wide range Beaumont has to offer is a very personal choice and is usually related to your design preferences. It can, however, also depend on the shape and size of your window.

We will help guide you choosing your shutter louver sizes with our years of experience and knowledge, giving you valuable advice to which size Shutter Louvers are most suitable for your windows. In short, we don’t just sell shutters; we provide a full service of advice, skill and expert knowledge. This way, we ensure you get what you want to achieve for your home.

Picking the correct Louvers for your installation can really help change the look and feel of each shutter. We will help you pick your Shutter Louvers Size while taking into account your own ideas and the type of room in which they are being fitted.


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Louver Sizes

63mm Louvers

This is the classic Louver Size and thus one of the popular choices. This size will offer the maximum number of Louvers per panel meaning it will offer a lower level of light when open. It will, however, offer a greater ambience to the room. Generally, these look best with small windows.

76mm Louvers

This Louver Size is very popular and has become a trend across our customer base. This bridges the gap between the classic and modern look of Louver; the best of both worlds. It offers a trendier, simpler finish while maintaining that cosy feel.

89mm Louvers

If you are looking for a stylish, current look then this is the slat for you. Larger Louvers with a minimalistic, fresh finish. When open and looking in, light pours through. When open and looking out it provides a slightly less uncluttered view. This modern Louver is for those looking for clean lines and fresh look.

114mm Louvers

These Shutter Louvers offer an ultra-modern feel offering an amazing amount of to light flow through. It is not for everyone, but given the correct setting, this is a beautiful stylish look.