Full Height Shutters

Full Height Shutters are our most popular indoor window shutter in today’s market. This is certainly due to the flexibility and stability of the mount type we use for them, as well as their configuration. They offer clean, fresh lines, as well as being great insulators and controllers of noise and privacy. This range of qualities renders this type a great Shutter for any style of room and window. Their tall, smart sections make for a simple, clean and eye-catching finished product that covers the entire window.

As an alternative to this way of building interior shutters, we can add a mid break or split tilt. This is what allows for two sections that open independently of each other, providing great control over light and privacy. The benefits of doing so are both practical and visual. They create classic style and elegance to your windows and what’s more, we can match the Shutters to your decor. We tend to make them using unbroken Louver panels, placed in vertical position. The concept is similar to that of a Tier on Tier mount, except boasts the stability of a Full Height panel.

Our Full Height Shutters installation service provides you with spare Louvers. A traditional design sees small panels with small Louvers used. It is now, however, more commonplace to see fewer, larger panels along with a middle-sized Louver. Whichever choice of Louver Size and colour you go for, they will make a great addition to your home. This is due to us having incorporated different Materials in the manufacturing of our shutters. Consequently, we gain even more versatility, making sure your internal shutters are a must-have product.

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Points To Remember About Full Height Shutters

Here are some great points to remember about made to measure full height plantation shutters.

 Aesthetically Pleasing.

  Great For Noise Control.

 Provides More Insulation.

 Great Versatility In Light Control.

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