How To Clean Shutters

How To Clean Shutters
Read our ‘How to…’ guide to cleaning your shutters. Find out how to keep your stunning shutters looking sensational with a routine of regular, light cleaning.

Wooden and MDF products do not cope well with excessive moisture. Wood is a natural fibre that responds by swelling and then shrinking back as it dries out. This can result in warping, which in turn leads to ill-fitting shutters. MDF shutters are coated in a polymer coating. This helps keep moisture out and renders them very robust. Due to this, we at Beaumont Shutters never recommend using excessive amounts of water or liquid cleaning solutions to clean your wooden or MDF shutters. On the other hand, you may have our ABS shutters which are 100% waterproof. This will allow you to use as much water as you wish, but you will never require the use of a lot of water on any shutter. For further details on details on our Shutter materials, please visit our dedicated Materials page.

Stain Removal Tips

To keep your shutters dust free, some light cleaning with a clean, dry cloth or specialist slat cleaning tool is all you need. Simply tilt your slats to the open position and wipe each one from the centre to the outer edge. Or, if time is limited, adjust your slats to the closed position and wipe the slats and frame all over with a clean cloth. Use a hand-held feather duster for hard-to-reach areas.

Cleaning Stubborn Stains

For sticky and stubborn stains you are unable to remove with a dry cloth, rub lightly with a damp cloth until the stain lifts. Be careful not to rub too hard as this may affect the paint or varnish finish on your shutters. Once the stain has lifted, wipe away any excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth.

How To Clean Shutters With A Vacuum Cleaner

Alternatively, you can clean your shutters with a vacuum cleaner, provided you have a soft upholstery attachment. Clean your slats in the same way you would with a duster. Open your slats to clean each one, or close them and brush over the entire shutter. You can also use the attachment to lightly clean the frame surround.