Everyone loves a bay window as it makes a great feature in any home interior. Bay window configuration comes in so many forms; that’s why our bespoke Bay Window Shutters are unique. We can design your bay window configuration to fit your bay perfectly. This window covering gives you the very best; an option like no other, so why not use a Bay Window Shutter that creates a unique style? You’ll love  it and everyone will notice it when they walk into the room.

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We all know that window coverings like curtains can look great, but you also risk those unsightly light gaps, and when you require privacy you need to close them. Who wants to have to close their curtains all day? It is far preferable to have that sunlight in the room. No more worrying about curtains fitting behind furniture; the way we install our bespoke shutters is to fit them neatly into the window. This results in no light bleeding, giving you privacy even when they are open. You also get the added feature of blocking out exterior noise and providing you with enhanced insulation, keeping heat in and cold out.


Here at Beaumont Shutters and Blinds, we are fully aware that bay windows come in many shapes and sizes and can have many sides. That is why we create that perfect bespoke shutter that fits beautifully; as has to be one of the best window coverings out to date. We have found that bay window shutters look so amazing fitted as close to the window as possible that is why we will change your window handles to our lockable flush fitting handle to help you get that amazing look and we do this for free of charge as standard.

We also offer lots of bespoke features like different louver sizes to change the light flow colour options even tilt rod options. Your can even have a different style options like CafeTier on Tier and more…