Painted Finishes

Here at Beaumont, we offer a selection of shutter painted finishes. The finish will differ depending on which material you choose and the number of paint coats you desire. You have a choice of between five and twenty-eight Painted Finishes depending on your choice of material.


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View our Range of Colours Available on our Painted Finishes

Pure White Pure White
Silk White Silk White
Bright White Bright White
Extra White Extra White
Pearl Pearl
Creamy Creamy
Marshmallow Marshmallow
Cameo Cameo
Crisp Linen Crisp Linen
Bisque Bisque
Alabaster Alabaster
Butter Butter
Whim White Whim White
Pointed White Pointed White
Clunched Clunched
Stringy Stringy
Off Whiter Off Whiter
White Cravat White Cravat
Hall Grey Hall Grey
Blue Grey Blue Grey
Elephants Air Elephants Air
Hard White Hard White
Sea Mist Sea Mist
Chai Chai
Stone Grey Stone Grey
Brown Grey Brown Grey
Clay Clay
Black Black