Boston Premium

Manufacture of our Boston Premium Shutters

Here at Beaumont Shutters, we craft our Boston Premium Shutters from mixed hardwoods which gives them durability and strength. We use a hardwood mounting frame to protect the panels. All the stiles on this shutter material have both mortice and tenon joints in place to prevent warping and ensure prolonged quality and durability.

Boston Premium Shutters are the Cost-Effective Option

As a wood product, Boston Premium Shutters offer excellent value for money with a fantastic build quality and a beautiful finish. We have kept the price low by offering limited options and colours for the Boston Premium Shutter. They provide a furniture-quality, solid wood product with a paint finish. With all this in mind, they make excellent alternatives to the premium hardwoods.

Contact and Information on Other Materials

If you are unsure of the Shutter Material you would like, we have a number of other options. They are, however, all designed to look the same! If you would like further information, a no-obligation quotation, or simply to chat about your options please do contact us. We also have a useful blog so you can keep up with fashions and other items of interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Points To Remember

Here are some great points to remember about Boston Premium plantation shutters.

Made of hard bass wood harvested from well-managed forests.

Tough but feels really good when clicking open and shut

One of the best quality materials in range.

So if this is what you are after, we are here to help! contact us on 01252 404834 to arrange a FREE no obligation quotation.

Colour Options

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Pure White

Silk White

Bright White


Extra White

Custom Colour




Crisp Linen





Sea Mist


Stone grey

Brown grey