Living Room Shutters

As we all know, the Living Room is one of the most important rooms in the home for you and your family. Many of you will spend the majority of your time here, so having a room that is comfortable to live in and designed in a style that suits your taste is very important! You will often show this area of your home to your visitors first. The great thing is as shutters are so versatile they can be designed to work perfectly for the living room.

We offer a split option in the Louvers giving much more control over light and privacy, the split allows you to have two sections of louvers on each door that work independently of each other so you can tilt or close the lower section of louvers giving the amount of privacy you require but still allowing light to flow in to the living room. You could have a different style say Tier on Tier shutters in your living room which allows you to have to sets of doors top and bottom so you can fully open the top section allowing light to flood in to the room so why not check out our different shutter styles.

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About Living Room Shutters

These shutters are a great way to transform the look and feel of your living room. They also add extra comfort in the summer and winter months due to the excellent airflow they allow and their insulating properties. We offer our Living Room Shutters in a huge range of StylesMaterials and Finishes which we can make bespoke to fit every type of Living Room window. Taking into consideration your own design ideas, we work with you to come up with the ultimate window dressing solution for this very important area of your home!

Living Room Shutter Styling

You can choose from many different styling aspects, depending on the existing décor and situation. You may be looking for Shutters that help keep the Living Room private from the street outside. Perhaps you simply want a dressing that will modernise the look of your windows. By installing Shutters you will transform the look of your Living Room. You will achieve this not only through an aesthetic change but also through controlling the flow of natural light into all corners.

​Why Have Living Room Shutters?

The great thing about bespoke these shutters is that we can seamlessly design them around your existing home style and windows. Not only through the way the Shutters are finished but also the space within which they are created. All of our Shutter Styles are bespoke and made to measure. This way, we provide your Living Room windows with a window dressing which has no leakage or gaps. In turn, this helps to provide the perfect light entry and insulation of warmth and energy.

Tailored Shutters and Added extras

We can also create shutters in special shapes for windows that are not of a standard size. We help tailor the sizing around windows on older properties that may be slightly irregular when measuring them up. The shutters come available with many Extras and choices such as Louver Sizing, type of tilt rod, Hinges and paint and stain Finishing. We can even custom match your Shutters to a specific colour using a sample or item.
Once we have discussed all the options available with you, we can decide on your final solution. We will then create your new Living Room Shutters exactly to your specifications. Having done this, we will be able to fit your new Shutters perfectly to your Living Room, thus creating the ultimate window dressing. An added benefit is that many say they have added to the value of their home!

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Points To Remember About Living Room Shutters

Here are some great points to remember about made to measure full height plantation shutters.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing.
  • Great For Noise Control.
  • Provides More Insulation.
  • Great Versatility In Light Control.

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