Kitchen Shutters

At Beaumont Shutters, our valued clients often ask us to fit Kitchen Shutters for them. The Kitchen is an important area of the home. Families spend a lot of time spend time in the kitchen together and often entertain guests there. As a company we will take careful consideration of the style of your home and listen to you about what you would like to achieve when it comes to light, privacy and overall feel of your kitchen you would like. Once we have those details we design the shutters to give the right touch you are looking for.

Please take time to scroll down as we have so much more great information about Kitchens and how these shutters can really work for you in your home and please remember we are here to help in anyway we can so if you have any questions please get in touch, you can use the call back request form below.

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Why Kitchen Shutters?

Many windows in Kitchens are located next to the sink area with the possibility of patio doors out to the garden. We can also match these with the same style of shutters. With window areas looking into the garden or the front of the house, it is important to get the perfect mix of light and privacy. You may also want to stop light flow into the kitchen from areas where you are preparing food or working. As well as helping to perfectly control the natural light, our Shutters are great for helping air flow. They allow you to let in fresh air whilst simultaneously reducing condensation and food smells.

Shutter Materials for Waterproofing​

Our bespoke Kitchen Shutters are available in many different materials including ABS coatings. This can be great for Shutters located in areas which may come into contact with water, such as above the Kitchen sink. This will prevent the shutters warping over time when they take in moisture or water from the Kitchen.

More About Kitchen Shutters

Kitchen areas are more prone to changes in temperature than other rooms, meaning that fabric window dressings are not ideal for your windows. They take on smells, damp, oils and moisture from the surrounding areas, whereas our Kitchen Shutters are durable. They able to take on moisture and can easily be wiped clean. As with all our shutters we can create the perfect style and finish tailored around your kitchen décor, or to match other shutters that you have within the home. We can create many different styles of Shutter from traditional to modern, with many extra features to take advantage of during design.

Points To Remember About Kitchen Shutters

Here are some great points to remember about made to measure full height plantation shutters.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing.
  • Great For Noise Control.
  • Provides More Insulation.
  • Great Versatility In Light Control.

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