Here at Beaumont, our Shutters options are available with a selection of different options which will allow us to design Shutters easier to use no matter where they are in your home. The range of shutter options we offer consist of materials we use to manufacture your shutters which range from MDF to Hard Woods. We also offer a range of different shutter finishes from painted to wood stains.

Within our shutter options can also change the size of louvers you can have so you can create a different look and change the amount of light that will flow into your home. There is also a large range of hinge types to choose from to also help that great look your looking for.

Optional Extras is a range of fasteners, Cut Outs, Ring Pulls and even a Remote Control, your Shutters can be even more accessible and easy to operate for all members of the family.


Anti-Bacterial (Hygienic) Coating

Mostly used within the commercial sector, we offer the new Hygienilac anti-bacterial coating. Perfect for hospitals, surgeries, nurseries and care homes, this unique coating kills around 99.9% of most bacteria over a 24-hour period. Hygienilac even kills bacterias such as E. coli, Salmonella and the deadly MRSA. What’s more, the coating goes on killing 99.9% of bacteria for the duration of its lifetime; as long as 10 years!

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Blackout Shutters

We can supply your new Shutters with integrated blinds which act as a secondary layer between your Shutters and windows. These blackout shutters work so well in the bedroom helping you to get a great night sleep.

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