Shutter Finishes

Our Window Shutter Finishes

Choose from Beaumont’s wide range of Window Shutter Finishes. Our Window Shutters are not just well known for their amazing aesthetics and visual appearance within rooms, but also for their functionality and ease of use. Designed and framed to your specification, all shutters are bespoke to you and your home. Beaumont’s plantation shutters are known for their quality of finish, as well as their versatility. No colour is impossible, no space is too awkward and no window too large. We will always craft our Window Shutter Finishes to suit your vision.

Although white shutters are the most popular choice, we know that you’ll have a design in your mind. This is why we offer a range of colours and finishes to suit every interior. We have 28 paints, 20 stains, and a custom colour option to choose from. Please bear in mind, however, that they are not all available in every material.


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Custom Colour

Don’t just settle for white shutters, why not choose a colour that suits your personality? From vibrant reds and eye-catching oranges, through to beautiful blues and dainty pinks, let your imagination run free with our custom colour option.

All you’ll need to do is supply a sample of the colour you want us to match for you. The sample will need to be a solid block of colour for the highest quality colour match possible, ensuring your shutters will be crafted to meet your expectations.

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Wood Stains

Only available in our premium hardwood Montana range, if you are looking more a more classic look for your shutters, then a wood stain may be the choice for you. The beautiful grain really comes to the fore with a stain, and is particularly popular for finishing interiors that already make use of hardwood products.

From lighter tones such as Limed White, through to coloured tinges such as Red Mahogany, and dark stains such as Wenge, there is a broad range of wood stains to suit your taste.

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Painted Colours

Available in every shutter material, our painted Window Shutter Finishes are available in a range of warm and contemporary colours that we hope will fuel the vision for your home. Based on which material you choose, whether hardwoodMDF or ABS, there may be a reduced number of colour choices available.

Each painted finish receives several coats, as well as a protective final coat, to limit the fading caused by the sun, ensuring you will be satisfied with the look of your finished shutters for years to come.

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Shutter Panels

We install Shutter panels in a range of different styles to match your window frame layout. Our largest single Shutter panel is 1047mm but we can also fit multiple panels within the shutter frames. We manufacture your Shutter panels to blend directly within your window frames and made to measure in the style of your choice. Our range of panels include:

Single Shutter Panels

A single Shutter panel fitted within the frame which is perfect for smaller windows and applications such as a single French door.

Bi-Fold Shutter Panels

This setup includes two Shutter panels hinged together in a way that allows them to fold at a hinged joint when opened.

Multi-Fold Shutter Panels

This installation includes multiple Shutter panels hinged together along wider windows or openings. They fold in a concertina action to open and close. This option usually requires a tracking system, although we can install a maximum of 4 panels without the need for this.

Shutter Frames

We can manufacture your Shutters using 10 styles and 30 variations of Frames, allowing maximum choice when designing your new Shutters. When surveying your property we can advise you on the type and style of frames which are most suitable for you windows and architecture. We also advise to use our concealed frames, these frames allow for all fixings to be hidden instead which give a much cleaner look instead of using screw caps to cover the screw which always seem to come off.

Tilt Rods

Unless you have chosen solid panel Shutters, your Shutters will require a Tilt Rod mechanism to allow for adjustment. This is the way you will adjust your Shutters in order to allow light and airflow through the Louvers.

Centre and Offset Tilt Rods

You will either find this Tilt Rod bar directly down the centre of your Shutters or offset to the left or right. Forward-facing, this wooden bar will allow you to easily operate the Louvers of the panel to which it is attached.

Silent Tilt Rods

Silent Tilt Rods are an optional upgrade allowing for adjustment without the need of an external Tilt Rod. This style is fantastic if you are after a minimal effect, with the rod fully enclosed. To operate the Louvers, you simply adjust one to the position you require and the others will follow.

Louver Sizes

Our Shutters come available with a selection of different Louver Sizes depending on the look and functionality you are trying to achieve. Below is an indication of the different sizes available for each of the ranges.