Special Shape Shutters

Beaumont’s Special Shape Shutters compliment a wide range of window shapes. As a result, we can create a whole host of window Shutters. These range from triangle Shutters, oval Shutters, even porthole window Shutters, and more, allowing you a completely unique Shutter design. Custom window Shutters must be the most perfect match shutter/window covering out there to date. They work so well in these window types as they fit perfectly to match the unique shape. This style of Shutter is manufactured from our Wood Range of Materials.

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Points To Remember

Here are some great points to remember about made to measure full height plantation shutters.

 Aesthetically Pleasing.

  Great For Noise Control.

 Great Versatility In Light Control.

 Gives more insulation keep cold out but warmth in.

 Matches perfectly with and window shape

So if this is what your after contact us and we will be happy to help 01252 404834

Below we have put together a few samples of our Special Shape Shutters. These are the first images of us installing a beautiful Shutter into a bedroom’s interior. The great thing about Shutters compared to other window coverings is that they are bespoke and made to fit perfectly to the window. If you had chosen to have curtains, it would have been difficult and you would have lost the beautiful shape that this window offers. The second set of images are of a window with an amazing Sunburst Shutter installed, This Special Shape Shutter has to be one of the most impressive Shutters out there. They are so cleverly made that the design still allows the Louvers to be opened and closed just as they would be on a standard Shutter. These are just a couple of Special Shapes that we manufacture, so whatever shape of your window, we can install a bespoke Shutter.