The Best Of Both With Dijon Blinds

Here at Beaumont Shutters, our Dijon blinds range provides you with not only all the benefits that you would expect from top class blinds, but also the lavish feel of curtains. Designed for windows and doors of all shapes and sizes, with lengths of up to 5 metres wide, Dijon blinds are the perfect choice for any home or office. These blinds particularly excel when fitted in front of large windows, allowing them to show off their qualities such as wand control (More on this later).

Dijon Blinds Benefits

There are many benefits to our Dijon blinds range with the variety of styles being the most prominent alongside the wand control feature. To find out more about these two fantastic advantages, please continue reading.


With three quality pattern styles to choose from, countless amounts of colour options as well as fascias (An added extra), you can tailor your blinds to your property’s exact needs. These pattern options come in the form of striped (20 Choices), oval (5) and classic (5) looks, giving you a style for every type of room. This means that, no matter whether you are looking to fit a bedroom or an office building, we have a pattern to suit every environment.

Wand Control

All of our Dijon blinds are able to be adjusted thanks to the built-in wand control feature. This allows for quick and easy modifications to be made to your blinds, offering you more privacy should you need it and the ability to let more/less light in. The wand control feature is completely child safe and complies with all regulations and requirements, giving you complete peace of mind. If you would like to know more about wand control or any other aspect of these blinds, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.

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