Door Shutters

Here at Beaumont Shutters, our clients ask us to design and install shutters not just for windows, but also for doors in and around the house. In the summer, many people look to us for door shutters designed for their patio doors as they start to enjoy the garden and open up the home with the great weather!

Tailored Door Shutters

The great thing about our team is that we can tailor our shutters to work with all kinds of patio doors, from sliding to folding sliding and traditional French Doors. We can create these shutters in many different ways depending on the type of door or opening that we are installing them into. It works in just the same way as traditional shutters and they also work in much the same way as our window Shutters. We create them, however, according to the sizing of the door, through to the track systems.

Shutters for Wide or Patio Doors

For customers who have wide or sliding patio doors, we can run our by-pass or bi-folding shutter panels along the whole length of the patio doors. This allows for the shutters to be pulled or folded to the side and kept neatly out the way. This style is fantastic for use in the summer when the sliding doors are fully opened. You can pull these shutters across and adjust them to get your ideal airflow and lighting into the home, whilst still keeping the room open to the garden.

Colour, Style and Finishing Options

Are you are looking to have patio door shutters installed as part of your installation or as an addition to shutters already in your house? If so, we can fully match the style and finish of the shutters to any you may have or are having installed on your windows. The shutters can also be custom matched to the lines of your patio doors and created with easy access to door handles, for example, on French Doors. With every installation of these shutters, we tailor the design to your exact needs and taste. Finally, we always advise on the best way to strengthen and design the operational flow of the shutters based on the exact doors you have.

Perfect Fit Shutters

We also now offer our new product the Perfect Fit Shutter which complements any door. One notable feature of Perfect Fit Shutters is that they clip onto the window frame, leaving your window sills free. This not only provides a clean and minimalist look but also allows the shutters to move seamlessly with your opening window. Gone are the days of having to open the framed shutter when opening the window. British craftsmanship.

French Cut Out Door Shutters

We fix our French door shutters to the door itself, rather than the frame, with a handy cut out providing easy access to the handle. As we offer a custom colour option, you can match the shutter to the door itself; whichever shade of paint you choose.

Benefits of French Door Shutters

Providing both practicality and elegance, French door shutters allow you to control temperature and light. You can also achieve a seamless look in conservatories where window shutters are also installed making the perfect combination.

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Points To Remember

Here are some great points to remember about these types of shutters which are made to measure:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing.
  • Great For Noise Control.
  • Great Versatility In Light Control.
  • Gives more insulation keep cold out but warmth in.
  • Can cover large door areas.

So if this is what you’re after contact us and we will be happy to help 01252 543597.

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