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Discover our custom-made wooden shutters designed to fit any size window in your Bracknell home.

Welcome to our Wooden Shutters Bracknell page, over the year we have seen a massive incline in shutters installed in Bracknell. The most popular shutter material in Bracknell installed is MDF, MDF shutters are more robust and come with a very competitive price. The most popular style of shutter in Bracknell is the Full Height Shutter because this style works so well with the characteristics and charm of most of the homes.

Shutter Styles in Bracknell

We have a wide range of Plantation Shutters. These are custom-made to many different shutter styles that can offer an amazing array of Finishes to suit any style of home you are trying to achieve. Our staff will guide you in choosing your Shutter Style and Material, from Wooden Shutters to ABS, making your home very special indeed

Top-Quality Shutter Selection

Tough, durable and crafted beautifully to your specifications, you are certainly spoiled for choice here at Beaumont Shutters. The professional and passionate team are pleased to offer you a variety of top-quality wooden shutters. The following are different certified, eco-friendly woods that the Beaumont team is proud to work with and install in your home.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Beaumont Shutters would love to transform Bracknell  home into a more eco-friendly space.

The supply of wooden shutters here at Beaumont is truly one-of-a-kind – as each is made from FSC certified materials. Woods such as Montana have been specifically grown and sourced from protected forests, and then a mix of indigenous and exotic wood species are used to create your attractive wooden shutters.

Highest Quality Materials

Our range of shutters is made up of truly premium-quality materials. With their amazing finishes and stains, you are sure to add an element of elegance and appeal to any room. Our shutters are all beautifully crafted, durable and extremely tough, while also maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

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Beaumont Shutters and Blinds in Bracknell offer a diverse range of wooden plantation shutter styles. From impressive finishes to suit any style of home to unrivalled quality that can stand the test of time, here at Beaumont Shutters & Blinds we can help enhance your interior with our premium selection of wooden shutters. 

Our expert team can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted, by guiding you through a selection process of stunning shutter styles and materials. Here at Beaumont Shutters and Blinds, we offer made to measure wooden shutters, meaning they can be fitted to any size window or any shape that you require. Our range of shutter styles are simply timeless and offer a whole new level of privacy that you are sure to appreciate.

From cafe style shutters to bay window shutters and much more, our experienced and reliable team can install the wooden shutters that you desire – indulge in maximum light or complete privacy, in any room of your choice!