Wooden Shutters Ascot

Experience Quality With Wooden Shutters in Ascot

Experience absolute seclusion, privacy and complete light control with beautifully crafted wooden shutters in your Ascot home. 

Here at Beaumont Shutters, we provide your home with the utmost comfort, warmth, style, and of course, privacy with our diverse selection of shutter styles. With our high-quality and eco-friendly materials and low maintenance installations, we can supply your home with bespoke wooden shutters that meet your exact requirements. Our long-standing history of fitting 100’s of shutters, is what makes us so proud to be the most reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated team to seamlessly install your wooden shutters in Ascot. We value high-quality wood and only use the best materials to create the shutters that match your exact style and preferences.

Below are a few key reasons why our stylish wooden shutters are the perfect solution to any room within your Ascot home.

Your Shutters, Your Way

It’s your home, your shutters, your way. Therefore we want you to experience the most bespoke installation and fitting service with the most professional and reliable team. You are certainly spoiled for choice here at Beaumont Shutters, as we stock an exciting and diverse range of eco-friendly woods. As a passionate family-run business, we are pleased to offer you a variety of high-quality, tough and durable wooden shutter options.

The following are different certified, eco-friendly woods that our team is proud to work with and install in your home:

Craftwood MDF


Boston Premium





Eco-Friendly Wooden Shutters

We are extremely big advocates on improving the planet, which is why we only supply an eco-friendly selection of materials. Our wooden shutter selection consists of FSC certified materials, where each shutter has been created by a mix of indigenous and exotic wood species from protected forests. Furthermore, our selection of wooden shutters are well known for their great insulation properties as they can help keep down heat loss throughout your home. This should also help you to save huge on energy bills.


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