Supreme Wooden Shutters

Why Choose Supreme Wooden Shutters?

Supreme Wooden Shutters are hand-crafted from the finest Anyhoo® basswood – one of the strongest and most dense hardwoods. Created for those who demand only the best that money can buy and settle for nothing less than outstanding elegance and sophistication in their homes. The Supreme shutter comes with Concealed Hinges giving a fresh clean finish.
The luxury and refinement of Supreme Wooden Shutters is the result of the dedication of our highly skilled craftsmen who use traditional skills that have been handed down over the centuries combined with the very latest innovations in heirloom furniture design.


20 different stains and 20 paints from which to select the perfect match for your home.

Contact and Information on Other Materials

If you are unsure of the Shutter Material you would like, we have a number of other options. They are, however, all designed to look the same! If you would like further information, a no-obligation quotation, or simply to chat about your options please do contact us. We also have a useful blog so you can keep up with fashions and other items of interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Points To Remember

Here are some great points to remember about Supreme Wooden Shutters.

Every shutter is built using centuries-old traditional skills combined with cutting-edge developments in timber and joinery

 Quarter-sawn timbers give a fine straight grain with outstanding long-term performance.

Uniform appearance with rich wood character in stains, smooth paint finishes.

The strongest joints used in any form of joinery.

Every shutter is hand sanded and painted or stained five times, giving a high lustre and translucent finish.


So if this is what you are after, we are here to help! Contact us on 01252 404834 to arrange a FREE, no-obligation quotation.