Why Choose LIFETIME Green® U-PVC Shutters?

When you invest in LIFETIME Green® Plantation Shutters you want to be certain that you are getting shutters that will, in effect, last you a lifetime. Certainly, at some future time you might decide to sell your home and move on, but you want your shutters to look as good as the day they were installed and, indeed, add to the value of your home.
LIFETIME Green® Plantation Shutters achieve exactly this. They are created by craftsmen using the U-PVC co-polymer which is the same material that is used in: car parts, home appliances, and motorcyclists’ crash helmets. If it can protect a motorcyclist, then you can be certain that it is tough.
Tough, but nonetheless stunning to look at, and adding sophistication and elegance to your windows. Wide panel capability means that fewer panels are needed, which provides a correspondingly bigger and streamlined view of the outside. LIFETIME Green® Plantation Shutters give you the best of all worlds.

Contact and Information on Other Materials

If you are unsure of the Shutter Material you would like, we have a number of other options. They are, however, all designed to look the same! If you would like further information, a no-obligation quotation, or simply to chat about your options please do contact us. We also have a useful blog so you can keep up with fashions and other items of interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Points To Remember

Here are some great points to remember about LIFETIME Green® plantation shutters.

U-PVC co-polymers will withstand not only boisterous handling by children or pets, but accidental damage, damp, heat, and fading and yellowing from ultra-violet light.

 The strongest joints known to man.

Resistant to rust and corrosion.

Tight grain results in long-term stability and durability.

A choice of the most beautiful colours to complement every window and every room.

Lifetime limited warranty.



So if this is what you are after, we are here to help! Contact us on 01252 404834 to arrange a FREE, no-obligation quotation.