Shutter trend

Shutter trend

At Beaumont Shutters we like to keep an eye on different trends to which we have noticed that the shutter trend is growing at a rate of 35% a year and have has no signs of stopping. People are starting to realise that shutters are a investment into their home adding value.

With a 51% increase in energy efficiency people are not just choosing shutters because they offer an amazing look it’s the fact they do offer this increased efficiency. People has seen the reports stating the efficiency levels of shutters which one was released by Glasgow University.

Even the interior design websites like Houzz have stated the shutter trend has no signs of abating and people starting to move into having shutters in their whole home and not just their living rooms. This is partly due to the efficiency levels and partly due to the new designs into the shutter industry like Shutter + Shade which now allows you to have a blackout blind built into your shutters.

This option is great for bedrooms as you can imagine, the black out blind rises up out of the way when you don’t need it.

Shutter give a complete host of variables from different styles, louver sizes, colours and much more. Yet colour has been a big factor in choosing shutters, white is by far the most popular choice. But over the years colour trends have also changed and grey has been a big trend thus different shades of grey shutters can be seen now.

Above is a great example of grey shutters to which we have installed. So please take the time to browse over our site and why not book a no obligation survey so you can get a really good feel and insight into the shutter trend.