How to Clean Shutters + Full Cleaning List

How to Clean Shutters + Full Cleaning List

Many years ago when I was first introduced to shutters I set out to remodel our kitchen, It was a project that took over our lives for a few months but in the end it was worth it. I am still in love with that space but there was one thing missing – good window coverings that allowed for clean shutters.

For years we had blinds that were put in by myself and in most of the family rooms and kitchen. I hung curtains in the kitchen window that made everything so dark. It was all supposed to be temporary but years later… I still had curtains in some spots, some broken blinds and even some spaces with nothing. The last piece to the kitchen puzzle was to add something different that would offer light and privacy and since introduced to shutters and started Beaumont Shutters it was time to make the change from standard window coverings to plantation shutters. It was a great chance to really feel the way that Shutters can really transform a home.

We are unfortunate to have a smallish kitchen space with a only one window. It is a place I spend a lot of time in as I always enjoyed cooking and it’s one room that light is very important to me and so getting the right window covering was very important indeed. But I’ve never really liked the options we’ve come up with to cover this space. Until now. After putting in the plantation shutters, there is so much light and brightness in the space. If it’s hot I can shut them down or if I want to open it all up, it’s so easy to do. It sounds crazy but the shutters gave an extra feel of space to which was a real big wow for me as my kitchen is not the largest by far but with the extra sense of space was a true win for me.

One of the things I was impressed with since I was introduced to shutters and now running Beaumont Shutters is that there is no window that can’t have a shutter what ever the shape or style a shutter can be designed to fit and work so well. Our kitchen shutters for the sink window worked in a way it has two doors that open to the left so not to interfere with our sink taps. When redoing the kitchen, I spent hours looking at different taps and decided on one that I still love. The only thing is that it was potentially in the way for the interior shutters. I had nothing to fear as I said before I designed a shutter that can be opened to the left allowing easy access for cleaning cleaning of the window.

Our living room area has a huge window. It has always been covered by curtains making the space seem really dark. I liked the look of the curtains but not the feeling of the room. Adding plantation shutters not only make it a functional space but I love the look of them. They bring so much light to the room and brighten up the downstairs in general.

I have to tell you that I am loving all of the brightness these plantation shutters bring into our home. It makes such a drastic difference. I know the biggest beef that most people have with plantation style shutters is cleaning them. I honestly think the pros way outweigh the cons. Having a beautiful, functional space with clean shutters is well worth it to me to have to wipe them down from time to time. So I thought I would give some tips on cleaning your shutters:

* Dry dust with a Easyclean duster which will make your shutter cleaning life so much easier.

The EasyClean Duster has made things a lot easier for us and cut down the time cleaning which my wife would is a win win. You will find more about this product on the EasyClean website.

If you have any commitments or have any great ideas to clean your shutters please share below as we would love to hear them….