Home Decor Trends 2021

Home Decor Trends 2021

Here at Beaumont Shutters we like to keep an eye out for decor trends especially colours so we can help our clients with ideas for their shutters. We have seen a trend moving towards rich pigments, Grey may still be the neutral of choice for many interiors yet we have seen more bolder colours this year. People are starting to feel braver and more confident with colours and are now moving to bold colours not just on their walls but also in their furniture. There is a movement towards achieving a more moody atmosphere within the home and violet has become very popular indeed even navy and striking emerald green are all the key colours set for 2018.

These new shades of colour are complemented with with fabrics like soft velvet.

Then there is wood furniture! People are introducing dark glam woods and moving away from the light pale woods even bleached woods are being replaced by these darker tones/retro glamour wooden furniture.

But the big question is are you ready for these bold ideas for the home? As we know this is a massive trend step from what we where used too.

Along with this metallic handles and legs and other features have become great finishing touches along with gold and brass and a fusion of walnut woods as these all give more of a sophisticated feel to all these pieces.

The great thing about these trends is that Shutters move with them nicely as white shutters seamlessly slip into any trend plus which our colour matching service allows you to keep up with any colour trend that’s out there.

These are just a few new colour interior ideas that are slowly moving in this year to which have a feel of travel which influenced the range of beautiful colours and patterns.

See our next blog for more of these exciting trends…..