Creating Your Own Home Office

Creating Your Own Home Office

If you are starting you own business at home, like we did at Beaumont Shutters or your work offers flexible and remote working – a home office is now an essential. We remember those day when we first started and worked from a home office so we fully understand how important it is to get this space right, so even if you just want a space to keep up with all the household paperwork or to pursue your hobby – it’s easy to create a work space just for you.

You can fit an office in the corner of your dining room or bedroom, and if you are really lucky you can convert the spare room from the household dumping ground to an efficient professional space.

The key is to keep it simple, tidy and sleek – to stop it from becoming an eyesore and overwhelming the rest of the room.


Go for a small table-like desk to conserve space and to stop it dominating the area. Spend some money on a comfortable office chair, your back will thank you later and you will be more likely to want to sit at the desk and work. If you have converted the spare room – think about changing the bed to a sofa bed, this will make the room look like professional.


Keeping things tidy is key and doesn’t have to boring – this is the area you can really express yourself. Boxes, files and office accessories come in all shapes and sizes – have fun, go mad! Shelves are a great focal point and keep the clutter from your desk and the floor. Also think about keeping your computer cables together and out of the way with cable tidies – well worth the effort to keep things looking sleek.


Concentrate on the lighting for your work space. Change the overhead light to a simple shade that allows a more even light. Purchase a desk lamp that you can redirect to certain tasks. Assess the glare from the windows on your computer screen and position your screen appropriately. To make your space feel professional, replace the curtains with sleek shutters or blinds, that you can adjust to let in the right amount of light and reduce glare.

It’s important to want to go and sit in your new office space and work, your new desk should not be just another place to put things on. It is worth spending time planning and finding the right furniture and equipment, and it’s great fun to personalise it to be a creative and productive area just for you.