How To Clean Shutters

How To Clean Shutters

How To Clean Shutters Read our ‘How to…’ guide to cleaning your shutters. Find out how to keep your stunning shutters looking sensational with a routine of regular, light cleaning. Wooden and MDF products do not cope well with excessive moisture. Wood is a natural fibre that responds by swelling and then shrinking back as it…

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Book A Shutter Survey Online

Since we started Beaumont Shutters we wanted to provide a service that delivers quality, not just in terms of our Shutter products but also in the way we work alongside our customers. One of these all-important areas is our website.

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Shutter trend

At Beaumont Shutters we like to keep an eye on different trends to which we have noticed that the shutter trend is growing at a rate of 35% a year and have has no signs of stopping. People are starting to realise that shutters are a investment into their home adding value…

Hidden Shutter Hinges

Hidden Shutter Hinges

Here is our new hidden shutter hinge, this hinge give a whole new feel to your shutters and allows a much cleaner finish.
Below are some more images that will clearly show what they can offer, these hinges are only available on our wooden ranges of shutters.

Home Decor Trends - Shutters

Home Decor Trends 2021

Here at Beaumont Shutters we like to keep an eye out for decor trends especially colours so we can help our clients with ideas for their shutters. We have seen a trend moving towards rich pigments, Grey may still be the neutral of choice for many interiors yet we have…


Louver Sizes

When it comes to choosing what louver size to selecting from the wide range Beaumont Shutters has to offer is a very personal and usually related to your design preferences but can also depend on the shape and size of your window.
We will help guide you with our years o…

How to Clean Shutters

How to Clean Shutters + Full Cleaning List

Many years ago when I was first introduced to shutters I set out to remodel our kitchen, It was a project that took over our lives for a few months but in the end it was worth it. I am still in love with that space but there was one thing missing – good window coverin…

refer friends

Refer a Friend

Do you have any friends looking to have beautifully installed shutters like these ones we just installed.
You can clearly see from the image above the attention to detail that has gone into the installation from the clean finish where the shutter meets the wall. Here a…